About Us

Full Circle IT Solutions Limited is a family run, owner-managed IT consultancy based in Bolton, North West England.

Full Circle IT Solutions was launched to help smaller businesses ensure they are getting the full benefits and results from their IT, business systems and investments. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that they are maximising the efficiencies and automating as many of their processes as possible, to allow themselves, and their colleagues, more time to focus on their roles within the organisation, rather than the IT processing which should be supporting them.

Our team of consultants, developers, support technicians and back office support staff deliver solutions to help streamline your business and cut costs, whilst facilitating growth and expansion. We know that our success depends on your success, and are keen to put our expertise to work in your organisation.

Our aim at Full Circle IT Solutions is to provide a better service, for less cost, and ensure the businesses we work with get the results they want.This ethos allows us to develop long lasting relationships with companies with a clear understanding that “if they are successful, we will be successful too”.

Meet the team!

Adele Tildsley
Managing Director
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Mark Brocklebank
Technical Services Director
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James Thomas
IT Support Technician
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Reece Chadwick
IT Support Technician
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Toby Harley
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Alice Brocklebank
Office Administrator