How is your IT holding you back?

How is your IT holding you back? Every office has one – that one member of staff who we all must pick up the slack for.  Think about how it makes you feel when they haven’t performed as they should but YOU are the one who stays behind to fix […]

lazy staff - not working

How do I identify a phishing email?

What is a phishing email? Essentially a phishing email is a malicious email, intending to gain some personal information about you that they can use. They tend to be looking for usernames, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information. The better ones pose as an existing company, it may […]

How much data is that?

How much data is that? You can choose between 64GB or 256GB with the new iPhone.Full Circle give you 125GB of mailbox with our Hosted Exchange Emails. My laptop has a 1TB harddrive.  How many GB are in a TB? And how many MB is that? Is that more than KB? How […]

Big Bolton Expo

Big Bolton Expo I have walked around so many business expos, wedding fairs, and baby fairs to last me a lifetime. They can be super boring… a couple of business cards fanned out across the tiny table. Pens, because you can’t have too many pens(!) A droopy old roller banner […]

How easy is working from home?

How easy is it to work from home? I love to work from home. Grabbing my dressing gown if it’s chilly. Sitting outside in the garden with my laptop when it’s sunny. I can have absolute silence if I need it or blast out my music if I need a […]

Myth Busting: New tech costs too much

New tech costs too much Who said anything about new tech?  You said new, you must be thinking about cool, shiny, new stuff. You won’t ever be pressured into buying anything from Full Circle, no matter how old and rusty your equipment is. However, there comes a point when new […]

Myth Busting: We’re too small for IT Support .

We're too small for IT support. First off, stop thinking small, if you think small you are small. Think big. Secondly, we make it our mission to ensure everybody can be included in our packages! Think about it this way: a one-man band joinery contractor, let’s call him Bruce, is […]

Myth Busting: Developers are aliens

Developers are aliens from another planet with a whole set of languages and systems for communication of their own. I think our Toby might be from another planet, but that doesn’t make him any less useful. We are lucky enough at Full Circle to have our own in-house Developer, Toby. […]

Myth Busting: Small businesses won’t be attacked with ransomware.

Small businesses won’t be attacked with ransomware This is so far from the truth, Toby reckons that small businesses make up 90% of targets. Firstly, because people think this, they are move vulnerable, which is why they are targeted primarily. The attackers imagine that you don’t have procedures in place, […]