What is the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019?

What is the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019? Office 1.0 was released in November 1990. We have had 18 versions since then and also thrown into the mix we have Office 365. What is the difference and which will be best for you and your business? Office 2019 […]

5 cool features of Office 365 you might not know about

5 Cool Features in Office 365 you might not know about! If you read our last couple of blogs you will know what office 365 actually is along with how it promotes remote working. Now I want to show you 5 super cool features that you might not have been […]

Office 365 for remote working

Office 365 for remote working There was frost on my car this morning and talk of a heatwave this weekend on the radio as I drove my frozen car to work. I then saw on article predicting months of HEAVY SNOW. The weather is so unpredictable, but you don’t want […]

Getting to know Luke

Getting to know Luke We wanted to introduce you to our new member of staff, we are very lucky at Full Circle to have Luke join us. As your businesses grow, we need to grow with you, so we have hired a new pair of hands to help Reece out. […]

What is Office 365?

What is office 365? Office 365 offers access to Office applications, along with other cloud-based productivity services. Outlook The one constant on all plans is Outlook, which allows you to access your emails, tasks & calendars across all your different devices. Outlook Exchange online hosts your emails in the cloud […]

Is free Antivirus good enough?

Is free antivirus good enough? We often get asked the question: “is free antivirus good enough?” Why would you ever pay for something when you can get a version for free? The usual answer will be because the paid version is better. It’s that simple with anti-virus. What happens without […]


#BoltonTweetUp It all started with an innocent #FridayFollow & hilarious GIF back in December 2017. A few RTs and the occasional reply here and there. We finally came face to face with the chaps at Momentum Legal in April, when Super Logo Boy & I tried to butter up their […]

How to change your browser homepage

How to change your browser homepage We have been asked a few times this week, if we could provide a guide on how to change your browser homepage. I thought I would add this to our site, just in case anybody else is struggling.     Internet Explorer When you […]

Windows 10 is 3

Windows 10 is 3 Windows 10 first came out on 29th July 2015 as a follow on from Windows 8 which was a tablet-orientated interface, 10 takes us back to desktop-oriented. Microsoft said they will not release any more operating systems but keep working to update Windows 10 continuously, rather […]

How to change windows 10 start menu to classic.

How do I change windows 10 start menu to classic? Window’s 10 is three years old next week so, I thought I would take the opportunity to look the Start menu, which has been a bug bear for so many of our clients. I am going to show you how […]