Don’t get bitten this Black Friday

Don't get bitten this Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, and it’s ALWAYS a frenzy. We’ve seen the scrambles and riots from people desperate for a bargain. You rush into the shops, grab what you can and hope for the best. Even when buying online stocks are limited and you feel like the whole world is in fast forward.

If you don’t get that laptop NOW, then somebody else will get that saving. The fear of missing out is greater than the need to truly understand if you paid a good price. Don’t assume that just because an offer is in the Black Friday Sales that it is a good price or even a good product.

Limited time only & limited stock leads to limited thinking time and knowledge.

Black Friday Scramble at asda

Are you really 'saving'?

Take a look at this, on the surface this laptop looked like a pretty reasonable deal. That was until Adele, our price comparison extraordinaire, dug a little deeper.

The Black Friday laptop looked the same as one of the laptops we recommend. It was on offer for £291.64, a saving of £83.35.  Mark emailed Adele straight away asking her to order 5.

Adele decided to do a little research before placing the order. She realised that to get this laptop up to the same specification as our usual one she would need to add 4GB RAM (£24.99). It would also need a 240GB SSD upgrade (£29.89). There would then be Luke or Reece’s time to actually do the upgrades (£25).

£24.99 + £29.89 + £25 = £79.88 meaning that huge saving of £83.35 is, in reality, only a saving of £3.47.

If we then take into consideration that our price is based on a laptop with 256GB SSD which is a standard fit, any upgrades can only be bought in a 240GB size. So you might be saving £3.47 but you are sacrificing 14GB of SSD for the ‘saving’.

Black Friday scam offer - Biscuits were £4 now £3.99

Let us sense check those Black Friday 'deals'

We have an offer for you this Black Friday: we will check any of your computer/laptop related products against our usual supplier prices. We will also check the specifications and ensure you are getting what you expect. Just send an email to with the Subject Black Friday Comparison and a link to the offer.

sense check

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