Internet problems at BT

This morning we have had a number of clients contact us because they are having trouble accessing certain websites, and internet services such as emails.

Upon investigation, this issue has been traced to BT Customers only. If you use BT for your internet services, it is likely that you are having these problems as well.

What’s happened, is the DNS Service at BT is offline and their central server network is currently down. Customers who have VOIP Services with BT will also notice issues with call quality, and some calls may not be coming through to your phones. BT are currently working on this issue but at the moment there is no timescale for when services will be back online.

If you are experiencing these issues but you are not a customer of BT can you please comment below and we can have a look into what is happening for you.

If you are a Hosted Exchange client of Full Circle IT Solutions and you have your internet with BT you may have trouble connecting to your email accounts – This issue will be resolved once BT’s systems are up and running again

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