Remote Support

Remote Support


If you require remote support, please call us on: 01204 897824. A member our support team will give you a 6 digit code to enter in the box below, then click "Connect to Technician"

Enter your 6-digit code:

Browser specific download instructions


Instructions for Google Chrome

Once you have clicked “Connect to Technician” a file will download in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, please click on this file and select “Run”

Chrome Download




Instructions for Mozilla Firefox

Once you have clicked “Connect to Technician” you will receive a prompt on the screen to save file, please click “Save File









Then, access your downloads from the top of the window and click on “Support-LogMeInRescue.exe”






Instructions for Microsoft Edge

Once you have clicked “Connect to Technician” Edge will automatically begin to download the file. Once completed please click “Run”




Instructions for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will ask you if you would like to run or save the file, please click on “Run”





Once you have downloaded the file

  • Run the "Support-LogMeInRescue" download. A security message from Windows will appear, please click "Run" 

  • Now the Remote Support console will open and you will receive a message that says "User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on this PC, please click OK to allow rescue to elevate your session" Click "Ok" 


  • Once you have done this, the Firewall on your computer will appear to warn you that this application would like to make changes to your PC, please click "Yes" 

  • Once you have done this a technician will be able to remotely control and repair your computer. Before the remote session becomes active you will receive one more notification asking if it is okay for a technician to control your computer. Please click "OK" 

  • A Technician now has control of your computer and will be able to repair the issues reported to them, please note that once complete the Technician will contact you to let you know that the problem has been resolved, and close remote access