Myth Busting: Macs don’t get viruses

Macs don't get viruses

Actually Macs get viruses too, but many people still don't believe this to be true.

So here is how the conversation usually goes,

“Do you have all your Anti-Virus covered?”
“Oh, bless you, that is so sweet – I have a mac”
“Ah right cool, so do you have Anti-Virus on your mac”
“It’s a mac”
“Yeah we cover apple products so it’s no issue to us that you have a mac, now where do we stand on Anti-Virus?”
“I don’t understand the question – I have a *MAC*”


Guess what apple lovers, Macs get viruses too!

There are a few reasons around this myth:

Apple use a less well known programming language, making it harder for most malware creators to create something to attack with.

In the beginning of time, most businesses used windows, which is why more attacks are aimed at windows machines. When a hacker creates a virus, their aim is usually to make some money. Business’ mostly use windows and have money. But now more businesses are moving over to Apple products, more malware is being produced to attack.

There were less Mac users 20 years ago. Less users meant less targets and narrower spread of the malware. 

Apple has now become a massive brand. A household name. There are more and more users, year on year as people want it to fit with their iPhone and other apple 'lifestyle' products. With most of its users stuck with this outdated ideology, coupled with no anti-virus, it leaves Macs widely unprotected to attacks.

Protect your Mac

As OS X continues to grow in market share we can expect malware authors to invest greater amounts of time in producing malware for this platform.

If your Mac is unprotected and you want to explore the idea of Anti-Virus, give us a call on 01204 897824 and find out in more detail how Anti-virus will benefit you.

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