Microsoft 365: SharePoint

Microsoft 365: SharePoint

In last week’s blog, we looked at Microsoft 365: Teams which is Microsoft all in one document and chat solution. This time we look in to SharePoint and how it works within Microsoft’s new working environment.

SharePoint works through OneDrive, which you may have heard of, enables teamwork and anywhere access of documents saved within its platform.


Collaboration and Sharing

All documents are saved within OneDrive and can be accessed via Office software or the online portal. It’s as simple as multiple users opening the file from within OneDrive on their PC.

Individuals and teams can share and edit the same document at the same time, this allows multiple ideas to be represented in the same spreadsheet or presentation. If you work in an environment where multiple users need access to the same document, this could be working on a proposal, or writing the latest blog!, SharePoint is a great option for your business.

But how do you know if someone else has the document open as well? Well, in the top right of your document, it will tell you who is also collaborating, and you will see them typing in live time.

Access from Anywhere

Using the Microsoft SharePoint application, you can access your files and documents on the go, whether this is via your android or iPhone as well as on your tablet and laptop. If you are on a device which cannot use the app, you can access all files from the web portal with Office online.


How does it work with Teams?

SharePoint also works within Teams so that you can share and create new ideas as well as editing existing documents, whether this is one on one or in a group.


External Users

Does your business have a member of the team who doesn’t need an email but does need access to SharePoint files or work with a third party who might collaborate on files? Well you can share your files with either a link or an unlicensed user. Yes, a user does not need a license to be able to view Share Point. They can view using Online Office. As soon as you want to remove access, the link can be disabled, and their user can be removed.


How does this sound?

This only scratches the surface on how SharePoint can be beneficial to your business. Want to know more? Give us a call or send us an email on the contact us page abov

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