It’s too hot in the office

It’s too hot in the office and it’s only 9.03am!

I’ve seen so many tweets over the past few days about it being too hot in the office. A couple of happier people have been sending their thanks and blessings to  'The Gods of Air-Conditioning'

I, however, was sat by Lake Vyrnwy reading about all your miserable work days in stuffy, sticky offices. Then I was in the pub reading about your exhausting journey’s home in sweltering hot cars.

Lake Vyrnwy

How much work can you achieve without being in the office?

I wasn’t just sat on social media mind, I’m writing this blog sat in The Vulcan’s beer garden, I chased some invoices from up Rivington and set up some new hosted email exchange from Curley’s in Horwich.

I was sat in a breeze with an ice-cold drink but using my desktop computer as if it were in front of me.

Remote access means, with just 3 clicks I have my entire desktop computer available to me on my laptop, wherever I am. I can send emails from my work address, and check in on the ticketing system to see if the lads need me to do anything.

I can use the internal message system, to stay in the loop, I can work exactly the same as if my bum was placed under the corner desk, upstairs at 546 Blackburn Rd.

Gif showing how to access a remote desktop

Reward your team

But it’s not just remote access that you can do this with. Working from the cloud also allows you to access your documents and software from anywhere with an internet connection. This might be better for you if you collaborate with your colleagues as you can all work from the same place.

Different ways to achieve the same goal, allowing your staff the freedom to work where they are most comfortable in this heat. Keep them cool and keep them happy.

And it’s not just for when it gets too hot in the office – once set up it can be used all year round. I know it’s hard to imagine in this blistering heat but when your staff get snowed in at home they can still work!

Benefits of working remotely.

Employees who work from home are less likely to ask for a pay rise to cover their travel expenses. They take less sick days because if they are mildly sick they can still get work done at home.  If they must leave the comfort of their home, they will be more inclined to take off the entire day. The talent pool increases when travel distances are eliminated and office costs will go down, less bodies, less space needed.

Get in touch to find out how easy it is to work in the sunshine.

Two people working in a beer garden with beers and laptops

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