Avoid your PC shutting down with Active Hours

Computer shutting down to install updates? – Active Hours can help!

shutting down to install updates

We’ve all been there, working away on our computers when all of a sudden the computer just shuts down, and you get a polite message from Microsoft to say that your computer is updating.

Personally, like most computer users I find this really annoying when it happens because not only has my computer just turned itself off, but often updates can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a good 2 hours to install before your computer is up and running again. However – there is a solution!

With Windows 10 (Pro, Home, Or Enterprise Editions) Users now have the option to set something called “Active Hours”

Active Hours is where you can tell your computer when you are using it, and if you put this setting in place your computer will never update during the working day.

So for my computer, I’ve set my Active Hours to be 8AM to 6PM and now my PC never suddenly restarts in the middle of the day anymore.

To ensure that your computer does still update when setting your Active Hours, I would pick a day in the week where you can leave your Windows 10 computer on overnight and the system will automatically update itself on that day so your computer is ready and waiting for you with all updates installed in the morning!

I would Recommend that you leave your computer switched on overnight on a Thursday (Windows Updates are released on Tuesdays, and patches are again released on Thursday) – If set to Thursday, it’s unlikely that your computer will have trouble installing updates.

(Please note, if you set your Active Hours and don’t leave your computer on to update, you will be prompted with a message from Microsoft to say that Updates need to install because with Windows 10, Updates cannot be stopped.)

How to Set Your Active Hours

(Please note, this is for Windows 10 users only)

1) On your Computer, Click the Start Menu and the Settings Application
(Or, if you like shortcuts, press The Windows Key + I to open the settings App)


2) Click on Update and Security


3) Click Windows Updates

4) Click on “Change Active Hours”


5) Set your Active Hours


6) Click Save

Now your Windows 10 computer will only update outside of these times, so please remember to leave your computer switched on overnight once a week

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