The new Microsoft Edge

The New Microsoft Edge   Microsoft Edge – It’s often the browser of choice to install what is a lot of people’s actual favourite browser, Google Chrome, and because of this many of us don’t give the browser much of a chance to impress.  It appears that Microsoft have recognised […]

Meet Andy!

Meet Andy! We welcome Andy to the team, He is here to help Toby develop new bespoke systems for our clients. We gave him our introduction questions so you can get to know Andy a little more. Andy:   1.How do you help our clients? I am currently a Business […]

Draytek Certified!

  One of our great technicians has been awarded a Draytek Certified Network Administrator certificate! Well Done Reece! This means that Reece passed a number of advanced network and security configuration tests that require the use of a Draytek device. As part of a two-day stint at Draytek’s ‘Dray School’ […]

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office: Online. Google Docs are fairly well known as an online way to create and edit documents however, you might not be aware of Microsoft’s answer to this.  Microsoft Office Online which essentially offers all your Office applications but in your web browser. If you use Office 365 or […]

Meet Alex!

Meet Alex If you have called us recently, you may notice a new voice at the end of the line. We welcome Alex on to our team, because of this we thought we would get her to answer some questions as an introduction! Check them out below: Alex: 1.How do […]

Microsoft 365: SharePoint

Microsoft 365: SharePoint In last week’s blog, we looked at Microsoft 365: Teams which is Microsoft all in one document and chat solution. This time we look in to SharePoint and how it works within Microsoft’s new working environment. SharePoint works through OneDrive, which you may have heard of, enables […]

Microsoft 365: Teams

Microsoft 365: Teams Following on from our last blog – Microsoft 365: Lets introduce Microsoft’s Future of working, we will look at Microsoft Teams. Many of you may have seen Teams when installing Office but never have taken much notice of it. Microsoft Teams is a messaging, chat and document […]

Microsoft 365: Lets introduce Microsoft’s Future of working

Many of us have heard about Microsoft Office and Office 365, but what about Microsoft 365? We ran a poll on Twitter recently and we discovered the majority have not heard about this new product from Microsoft. From a security perspective, you can reset users’ passwords and disable access.   […]

Do you want to learn how to code?

Recode believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to code, so they provide a free coding education for people who belong to under represented groups within the technology industry, and anybody who might find that finances are a barrier to their learning. The Recode team are offering a […]

child on laptop

How to make the internet safer for your children

It’s half term, and luckily, so far, it’s been excellent weather to get out and enjoy some fresh air. But what happens next week, when you have exhausted all those outdoor activities and we are forecast rain? If your children, like most these days are fond of going online, how […]

What does Windows 7 support ending mean for you?

Do you know which version of windows you are using?  If you’re still on Windows 7, then it is worth thinking about an upgrade. Microsoft will be ending their free support on 14th January 2020. From that day on Windows 7 will become unsafe to use. Although windows 7 won’t […]

How do spam filters work?

To understand how spam filters work, we first need to understand what is actually classed as Spam. Spam noun irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc. Spam isn’t always necessarily sent via email. […]

The World Wide Web turns 30!

The world wide web turns 30 today, we are celebrating by talking about some of the amazing things we all love about the internet. Oops, I have been corrected already – the internet is not the same thing. The world wide web is a collection of information that is accessed […]

Preventing cyber-attacks.

We all rely on technology, don’t we? That is why it’s so important to keep it safe from cyber-attacks. An attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system. The motive for hackers can be for financial gain, or just to cause disruption, because they can!  

What does encryption actually mean?

What happens to your encrypted email before the recipient reads it? Encryption dates back to the ancient Spartans who used leather straps wrapped around wooden rods. When unwrapped they were meaningless but when wrapped on the correct sized rod they would reveal the secret message. The Caesar cipher is another […]

Do I need a company email address?

Firstly, what do we mean by company email addresses.  Essentially this means an email address that is or .com. Our company email address’ are all Very often however we see companies who have generic email address’ which are @gmail, @outlook, @live, I can only imagine this is because […]

How Full Circle saved Christmas

It was early December and Father Christmas was pacing around the workshop, muttering under his breath. The elves were getting worried, he had been doing this for a few hours now, so one little elf stepped up. “Hey Santa! What are you doing?” he asked. “I am trying to memorise […]

Black Friday Scramble at asda

Don’t get bitten this Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, and it’s ALWAYS a frenzy. We’ve seen the scrambles and riots from people desperate for a bargain. You rush into the shops, grab what you can and hope for the best. Even when buying online stocks are limited and you feel like the whole world is […]

Getting to know Megan & Charlotte

Work experience is a vital part of a young person’s learning experience. It supports the academic skills they develop during their time at college and allows them to acquire skills that cannot be taught in the classroom, ensuring they are work ready when it comes to seeking employment. We heard […]

What is the difference between Office 365 & Office 2019?

Office 1.0 was released in November 1990. We have had 18 versions since then and also thrown into the mix we have Office 365. What is the difference and which will be best for you and your business? Office 2019 is a one-time purchase. You pay a single up-front cost […]

5 cool features of Office 365 you might not know about

If you read our last couple of blogs you will know what office 365 actually is along with how it promotes remote working. Now I want to show you 5 super cool features that you might not have been aware of. Microsoft is rolling out a software called Clutter. With […]

Office 365 for remote working

There was frost on my car this morning and talk of a heatwave this weekend on the radio as I drove my frozen car to work. I then saw on article predicting months of HEAVY SNOW. The weather is so unpredictable, but you don’t want the weather to impact on […]

Getting to know Luke

We wanted to introduce you to our new member of staff, we are very lucky at Full Circle to have Luke join us. As your businesses grow, we need to grow with you, so we have hired a new pair of hands to help Reece out. How do you help […]

What is Office 365?

Office 365 offers access to Office applications, along with other cloud-based productivity services. The one constant on all plans is Outlook, which allows you to access your emails, tasks & calendars across all your different devices. Outlook Exchange online hosts your emails in the cloud for extra peace of mind. […]

Is free Antivirus good enough?

We often get asked the question: “is free antivirus good enough?” Why would you ever pay for something when you can get a version for free? The usual answer will be because the paid version is better. It’s that simple with anti-virus. So much of our businesses and lives are […]


It all started with an innocent #FridayFollow & hilarious GIF back in December 2017. A few RTs and the occasional reply here and there. We finally came face to face with the chaps at Momentum Legal in April, when Super Logo Boy & I tried to butter up their director […]

How to change your browser homepage

We have been asked a few times this week, if we could provide a guide on how to change your browser homepage. I thought I would add this to our site, just in case anybody else is struggling.     When you have IE open go to the top right-hand […]

Windows 10 is 3

Windows 10 first came out on 29th July 2015 as a follow on from Windows 8 which was a tablet-orientated interface, 10 takes us back to desktop-oriented. Microsoft said they will not release any more operating systems but keep working to update Windows 10 continuously, rather than keep releasing brand […]

How to change windows 10 start menu to classic.

Window’s 10 is three years old next week so, I thought I would take the opportunity to look the Start menu, which has been a bug bear for so many of our clients. I am going to show you how to change windows 10 start menu to claassic and back again!

How do I block somebody on…

We’ve already looked at how to block somebody on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WhatsApp on a previous blog, but are you still having trouble from them on other platforms? In this blog I will be covering: SnapChat Outlook for desktop Facebook Messenger Linkedin Not all blocking has the same outcome […]

What actually is an SSD?

Today we will be diving into the topic of SSDs (Solid State Drives). “Whether to upgrade” is, and has been a long-discussed topic. We will provide you with some more insight into the technology behind SSDs and help you decide which upgrade is best for you. SSD’s (Solid State Drives), […]

It’s too hot in the office

I’ve seen so many tweets over the past few days about it being too hot in the office. A couple of happier people have been sending their thanks and blessings to  ‘The Gods of Air-Conditioning’ I, however, was sat by Lake Vyrnwy reading about all your miserable work days in […]

How do I block somebody….

We live in a world of instant & infinite connectivity. This means every now and again you are going to connect with a plonker, a key board warrior, an agitator or a troll. In this blog I am going answer the question “How do I block somebody on…?” Facebook Instagram […]

10 ways to improve battery life

If you’re like me you push your machine to the limit, you’re juggling those invoices and twitter content, then you need to finish off those few last slides for your important presentation before emailing a potential client a quote that you promised before the end of the day. As you […]

How is your IT holding you back?

Every office has one – that one member of staff who we all must pick up the slack for.  Think about how it makes you feel when they haven’t performed as they should but YOU are the one who stays behind to fix their mistakes. They lose some documents, somehow, […]

lazy staff - not working

How do I identify a phishing email?

Essentially a phishing email is a malicious email, intending to gain some personal information about you that they can use. They tend to be looking for usernames, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information. The better ones pose as an existing company, it may look like the email is […]

How much data is that?

You can choose between 64GB or 256GB with the new iPhone.Full Circle give you 125GB of mailbox with our Hosted Exchange Emails. My laptop has a 1TB harddrive.  How many GB are in a TB? And how many MB is that? Is that more than KB? How much data is that?  It […]

Big Bolton Expo

I have walked around so many business expos, wedding fairs, and baby fairs to last me a lifetime. They can be super boring… a couple of business cards fanned out across the tiny table. Pens, because you can’t have too many pens(!) A droopy old roller banner and a miserable […]

How easy is working from home?

I love to work from home. Grabbing my dressing gown if it’s chilly. Sitting outside in the garden with my laptop when it’s sunny. I can have absolute silence if I need it or blast out my music if I need a boost. I don’t need to fight the crazy […]

Myth Busting: New tech costs too much

Who said anything about new tech?  You said new, you must be thinking about cool, shiny, new stuff. You won’t ever be pressured into buying anything from Full Circle, no matter how old and rusty your equipment is. However, there comes a point when new equipment will pay for itself […]

Myth Busting: We’re too small for IT Support .

First off, stop thinking small, if you think small you are small. Think big. Secondly, we make it our mission to ensure everybody can be included in our packages! Think about it this way: a one-man band joinery contractor, let’s call him Bruce, is out and about all day. He […]

Myth Busting: Developers are aliens

I think our Toby might be from another planet, but that doesn’t make him any less useful. We are lucky enough at Full Circle to have our own in-house Developer, Toby. This is one of the things that makes our company quite unique and special. Although Toby talks to his […]

Myth Busting: Small businesses won’t be attacked with ransomware.

This is so far from the truth, Toby reckons that small businesses make up 90% of targets. Firstly, because people think this, they are move vulnerable, which is why they are targeted primarily. The attackers imagine that you don’t have procedures in place, because you think you are un-touchable. And […]

Are you prepared for Count Hackula?

Allow me to introduce Count Hackula. You probably know his nasty Transylvanian relative, but this creature is different. Rather than take the blood from your neck, he would much rather take it from your business. Count Hackula, like his bloodsucking counterpart, can shape shift at will. He can pass through […]

How cloud backup can help avoid total disaster?

Toby is a tea no sugar, certainly not earl grey though. I’m an English Breakfast tea girl, either that or Aldi peach water, it’s bloody lovely. Reece is a weird character, he only has 1 brew in every 3 that Toby and I have… odd sod. Now imagine that beautiful […]

Domain Name Ransom by Tao Digital

This week we have a guest blog from Matt Tomkin at Tao Digital.Tao Digital provide clear and concise marketing strategies for businesses that want online success.  Today Matt teaches us about the dangers of Domain Ransom! Over to Matt… It’s very likely you have never heard of Domain Name Ransom, but […]

The time-saving shortcuts you probably don’t know

When something in our life is useful, it becomes instinctive – we do it without thinking. Just like driving. For me, one of these useful things is computer shortcuts. How many times today have you pressed Ctrl/Cmd + Z (undo) without thinking? Or Ctrl/Cmd C (copy) , then Ctrl/cmd P […]

Have you fallen out of love with your computer?

Your PC has seen better days, she’s not as shiny and new as she once was. You know everything there is to know about her, nothing new and exciting to learn, no new surprises about how well she performs. Her hard drive has diminished. Her memory is going and she […]

Myth Busting: Macs don’t get viruses

Actually Macs get viruses too, but many people still don’t believe this to be true. So here is how the conversation usually goes, “Do you have all your Anti-Virus covered?” “Oh, bless you, that is so sweet – I have a mac” “Ah right cool, so do you have Anti-Virus […]

What if the Incredible Hulk had cloud backup?

At Full Circle, we’re all massive Marvel geeks. The subject of superheros creeps into our conversations at least once a day. Toby & I are yet to convince Mark that it’s a good idea to have our team photos with us dressed as Black Widdow & Iron Fist  – I’m […]

Five fixes to help your computer run faster.

You expect your computer to be fast and responsive. You certainly don’t want to be sitting around waiting while it loads your applications or saves your documents. You need your IT to be so fast it’s invisible, unnoticeable, because that’s when its causing you no problems. Here are five things […]

What are your business goals for 2018?

If you want your company to grow and evolve this year, and take you towards your big picture business goals, you need to be efficient and utilise your time and resources effectively. Your IT can be a huge factor in this. If it’s running well, it’s invisible. It just does […]

Are your passwords as secure as our Secret Santa?

It’s almost become an obsession in our office, to ensure nobody knew who had who in our Secret Santa. We all picked names from an empty monitor box, held them close to our chests, peaking only when we were sure nobody else could see. Stuffing the paper hastily into our […]

What happens when your staff can’t get into work due to snow?

Well, by then it’s too late. If you don’t have correct measures in place to ensure your staff can work from home, then you lose a day of their time and they lose a day of pay.And then what does that mean for your clients? What do they then lose? […]

Prepare your IT for the Christmas Break

We have put this together for you to help you shut down & keep your business safe, while you are away from the office.  Not everybody might be as lucky as you are in having time off at Christmas, so don’t forget to set your out of office replies. This […]

Smart Environments in the Work Place

Well, that is a good question! Everyone owns a smart phone, some people may even have smart fridges or kettles! But what is a smart environment? Well according to Mark Weiser of Xerox Parc, a smart environment is “a physical world that is richly and invisibly interwoven with sensors, actuators, […]

Worried about the weekend Cyber Attack?

I’m sure by now that everybody has seen the news over the weekend about the Malware attack on the NHS and other organisations worldwide.  We are anticipating some concern from customers and thought it would be a good idea to detail what has happened over the weekend and what you […]

Offer Alert – Big Bolton Expo Spring 2017!

Are you attending The Big Bolton Expo 2017? – If you are make sure you come over to see us on Stand 16 and if you book us in for an IT Consultation / Review of your business, you will also receive 5 complimentary licenses for our CloudCare Anti Virus, […]

We’re back at The Big Bolton Expo, Spring 2017!

The Big Bolton Expo is a great exhibition for meeting new people, new businesses and making new contacts. Due to the continued success of The Big Bolton Expo, Full Circle IT Solutions Ltd are back again Exhibiting on Stand 16! This year, we will be focusing our stand on; I.T […]

Changes to Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions

Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription has become a very popular solution for Businesses the need to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word / Powerpoint / Excel / Publisher / Outlook) and with Office 365 all users are also entitled to receive the newer versions of Microsoft Office as they […]

Ransomware Explained

Ransomware is a type of malware that can prevent system access but Ransomware is more like the digital “kidnapping” of your files An attacker typically encrypts most files on the infected computer, then charges a ‘ransom’ for their safe return.If the “ransom” is not paid in time, or ignored the […]

Avoid your PC shutting down with Active Hours

Computer shutting down to install updates? – Active Hours can help! We’ve all been there, working away on our computers when all of a sudden the computer just shuts down, and you get a polite message from Microsoft to say that your computer is updating. Personally, like most computer users […]

Remote Support

 If you require remote support, please call us on: 01204 897824. A member our support team will give you a 6 digit code to enter in the box below, then click “Connect to Technician” Enter your 6-digit code:

Internet problems at BT

This morning we have had a number of clients contact us because they are having trouble accessing certain websites, and internet services such as emails. Upon investigation, this issue has been traced to BT Customers only. If you use BT for your internet services, it is likely that you are […]

The Big Bolton Expo 2016!

Due to the success of last year’s events, Full Circle IT Solutions Ltd will be exhibiting at The Big Bolton Expo 2016 The Big Bolton Expo, by The Best of Bolton is all about “Bringing people together to build relationships, showcase products and services and to do business.” Come and […]

Going The Extra Mile!

Going the Extra Mile! Did you know that Full Circle IT Solutions also sell new desktop computers, laptops, servers and other equipment? We also dispose of any rubbish too! Normally, when you buy a new computer, you’re left with a lot of rubbish that you don’t really need or want, […]

Windows 10 Upgrade Questions

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Any computer running a legitimate copy of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The Windows 10 Upgrade is only free for the first year of release so I thought it would be a good idea to put together some common upgrade questions […]

Easily find files in Windows 10 with Quick Access

  In Windows 10 there is a new feature that I’m finding is really beneficial at the moment, it’s called Quick Access. Quick Access is a new option on the left hand menu in your file explorer. This will show you all of your most frequently used documents, and folders. […]

Whats new in Windows 10 – Start is back!

Over the coming days we will be releasing lots of new content relating to the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 – Scheduled for release 29/07/2015. We’re all very excited in the office to see the newest operating system, however, I thought this would be a good opportunity to show other […]


Full Circle IT Solutions helps companies utilise the power and flexibility of the cloud, introducing new technologies to help run businesses more efficiently. All of our cloud services feed into a single, online portal that enables us to help you better manage your businesses security needs. Through our portal we can set […]

Exact Online

Full Circle IT Solutions have partnered with Exact Online software to better help businesses control their most important processes.Exact Online Software combines accounting software with business management software in one online system. It’s in the Cloud, which makes it’s easier to collaborate with your accountant. It gives you and your […]

Office 365

Office 365 is a could-based service provided through Microsoft, bringing you Microsoft Office desktop applications combined with, shared calendars, file sharing, mobile and tablet applications and much more In business you need technology to be available around the clock and across multiple devices, to make sure that your business continues […]

Online Backup

Full Circle IT Solutions offers a fully monitored, secure cloud backup service which can run on a single PC, server or on multiple user computers. Computers and data are the heart of your business and when failures do occur, it’s critical that any lost or damaged data is recovered as […]


Designed with small and medium organizations in mind, our antivirus offers the complete security package. Our Antivirus includes the following features that will help to protect all levels of your business. Remove the worry of data loss, computer vunerability, computer hijacking, viruses and other threats. Helps stop, remove and prevent […]

Hosted Exchange Email

Now, more than ever your business needs cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With our Hosted Exchange Email solution, you can achieve new levels of reliability and performance. With Hosted Exchange, Email becomes instant, be it on your desktop using Outlook, or from any web browser through Outlook Web Access. Instant […]